List of Typical Mistakes People Commit While Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Upon searching for the best wedding photographer to hire, a lot of people commit several mistakes that must be avoided. In this article, we will be discussing what they are and how to prevent them to clarify any confusions you might have as you book for a photographer for your special day. Keep on reading to learn more: 

Not hiring a cinematographer 

Cinematography is one of the services that would be best for your wedding day. In fact, it is important to have video footage while documenting your wedding for you to easily relieve those memories you had after some time. The cinematography does not only provide a dynamic means of revisiting your wedding, it basically brings all of your pictures to life, which can guarantee that no detail or memory will be forgotten, 

 Hiring photographers without meeting them 

This is one of those ways of hiring the wrong photographer. You should at least have a meeting with them for you to fee how they work. During this meeting, you need to ask them some of their output sample or their portfolio and browse through them to know what are their techniques and methods of capturing the moments. Also, you need to talk about everyone’s expectations for the wedding.  

Hiring the wrong photographer 

Your photographer can either break or make your wedding pictures. If you do not connect well with the photographers as a couple, there is a greater possibility that it will reflect on their output. If this is the case, they will usually come out looking very unnatural and awkward-looking.  

Considering the price tag alone 

In the planning process of the wedding, it is given that your budget is a vital aspect. However, there’s so much more to photographers or cinematographers than just their price. Commonly, you are paying for what you get. Indeed the more experienced photographers will charge you more compared to the amateurs. But, know that they are already equipped with the knowledge about what they will need to document. They usually even bring with them assistant photographers that enable even more wedding details to be documented. This only means that every additional price you pay will definitely be worth it in the end. 

Quantity vs. Quality 

This mistake is generally related to the previous one.  It’s very easy to become prey to the photographers who promises a great number of photos. Some photographers are true to their words, however, it is not that hard to press the shutter for several times. What you need to consider that’s more important would be the number of quality images that your photographers can take. Refrain from entertaining photographers who advertise their quantity over quality. Getting that service would only make your efforts for your wedding to go down the drain. Also, you will be wasting your money if ever the outputs turn out to be bad. 

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Signs and Symptoms of Tree Damage

Sometimes we disregard the damages on a tree until it’s too late and have fallen down on our roofs. There are many signs and symptoms of a damaged and unhealthy tree, and we should be aware about it so we can save them from further damage and bringing hazard to our properties. If you don’t know how examine, call tree care company for the job and in worst case scenario a cutting tree company. The following are the signs and symptoms of a damaged tree. 

  1. Construction Damage 

Sometimes damages are done to trees by external forces caused by humans, not only diseases. Construction damage is caused by physical injury to crown and trunk which includes broken and split branches, smothering of roots and compaction of root zone. It will cause the trees to grow and wilt poorly and tips of branches may die.  

You need a professional to inspect because the damages might be obvious for you after 1 or 2 years.  You can prevent this by marking and flagging trees during the construction. There should be no heavy supplies or equipment travelling over the stored roots. If the damage is already done, you can control it by pruning the damaged branches.  

  1. Lawnmower Damage 

Sometimes damages are done to trees when you’re mowing. Signs of lawnmower damage are cuts in the bark of the tree. If the injuries are repeated, it can cause the branches to die and kill the tree in the future. The injuries also allow the pests and other diseases to enter, making the tree sick. To prevent this kind of damage, use hand tools to clip close to trunk. You can also put a ground cover for a no-mow zone so you can entirely prevent the tree from being damaged.  

  1. Lightning Damage 

Whenever there is a thunderstorm or hurricane, there’s a big risk that trees are getting struck by lightning. The damages depend on how strong the lightning was, it can either bring big damage or cut the tree. Lightning damages are often long scars running from the tree’s trunk to its ground. If the lightning is not that deadly, leaves turn into yellow. You can prevent lightning damage by calling a professional to install a copper lightning protector. If the tree has been hit already, you can remove the damaged bark and branches.  

  1. Nitrogen Deficiency 

This damage occurs mostly on sandy soils. You will then notice that older and lower leaves become yellow from pale green and the entire plant is lighter. The flowers also turn into yellow and the fruits are woody. To prevent nitrogen deficiency in your trees, replace mulch as needed and compost as necessary. You can also apply supplemental nitrogen fertilizer and spray the leaves with fish emulsion.  

  1. Lack of Water 

Trees need water like any other plants. Lack of water can damage a tree and wilt the leaves. You can notice if it’s damaged by looking at the trees that turn brown or yellow. Damage caused by lack of water is a result of construction damage.